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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

6:50 AM

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From: Jim Cook
Subject: cost of a haircut Ch 6I had been delivered naked to a tatoo parlor where my new Master, a former
coworker and office antagonist, had directed that I be marked as his
personal property! A beautiful large breasted woman wearing leather
chaps, pink panties and little else had come into the back room with a
bucket of warm soapy water and some tools. She then preteen modls started washing and
shaving me. She started at my neck and shaved me completely down to my
waist, then she repositioned my restraints, attaching my wrist restraints
to the ankle ones, splaying my legs well apart as I laid on my back face
up. She then removed her velcroed panties and placed her pussy on my face
as she focused nude preteen sisters
upon my cock and balls, completely shaving them as i
attempted to please her with my mouth. i must have nude preteen sisters been doing a good job
as she lubricated and started rocking back and forth pressing her pleasure
mount on my face, i could feel her shutter sexy preteen lingerie as she gushed on my face. She
then got up and went to my ankles shaving my legs completely. The two big
guys came preteens stockings over and rolled me over on my face then and she started shaving
my back, butt, and the back of my legs. One of the customers in the tatoo
parlor walked in unzipped and presented his cock to my mouth for
service.....he colombian preteens nude
was not clean and I recoiled, this caused her to strap me
hard wiht a quirt she had attached to her belt. i immediately opened my
mouth and the nasty cock was inserted as he grabbed my head and face fucked
me. He was rough and i gagged as he came in my throat. He pulled out
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better get used to that boi". she said. "your new job is cocksucker and
butt boi and your Master has made plans for you to be his entertainment
committee. He thinks that you need practice and has invited some guys over
to help with your training. When they get finished with you, he will seem
like a pussy cat." She then used the rag and water she had washed my body
with to wipe the cum from my face and mouth. She got a small washcloth and
soaked it with alcohol and washed down my newly shaved body!....it burned
and caused me to yelp. Out came the quirt again. "When I do something
nice for you, you will thank me and ask for more. This infraction of
protocol will cost you five lashes with my quirt!" She then laid into my
butt strapping it five times then one for her and one for Master..leaving
my ass and thighs well striped....outside in the tatoo parlor, a video
camera had been set up and there was a crown of people in a semi circle
around a tatoo table. I was about to be marked forever as slave property.
As I was carried in, I noticed that the guys from shipping were there and
so were some of the secretaries from the office pool!.....they were all
grinning and laughing at me, now a shaved naked slave about to be tatooed
as i entered my new life. How did this happen? i just stopped to get a
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artist then spoke up; "tatooing can be a little painful sometimes. It is
a good idea for the person getting the tatoo to do something that will take
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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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